• Energy efficient buildings
  • Low cost rural and urban housing
  • Earthquake resistant buildings
  • Computer aided integrated building design

Research is being carried out in the use of IT tools for the building sector. The centre aims at developing and spreading the use of IT for the betterment of the buildings in terms of products, processes and performances. Such buildings would be affordable, energy efficient, comfortable, healthy, safe and responsive to inhabitants. They will have a combination of traditional and advanced materials with intelligent controls. Their design will concentrate on total performance over their life cycle, using computer-aided techniques taking into consideration factors such as wind, noise, solar energy, pollutants and occupancy.

Emphasis is being laid on studying, applying, and improving various IT tools such as:

  • Visualization
  • Optimization
  • Structural modeling for earthquake resistance
  • Thermal, light, acoustics modeling
  • Building automation
  • Planning and modeling of various building services
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